Everyone has those little habits that aren't particularly conducive to a calm existence. They may be habits you don't even realise you partake in, or you may not consider them to be of any significance. So you gossip and complain a little bit sometimes it's not that big of a deal, right?每个人都有一些对平静生活无益的习惯。你可能还没有意识到自己已经有了这些习惯,或你没觉得它们有多重要。所以你八卦并抱怨了一下,有时这也不是什么大不了的事,对吗?

8 Habits You'd Be Better Off Without 8个你需要戒掉的坏习惯:

1. Complaining抱怨
This is one of the most natural of human tendencies. It is one of the largest tell-tale signs of an unconscious mind and resistance to what is. Next time you find yourself complaining, ask yourself why. Can you accept the situation?这是我们人类做的最自然的一件事。它是潜意识搬弄是非和抵触现实的一大标志。下次你发现自己在抱怨时,问问自己为什么。你能接受当前的情况吗?

2. Gossiping八卦
Another common human trait. What is it really doing for you? Remember that the person you're speaking about is a complex being with dreams and fears just like you. Chances are you probably don't know their whole life story or circumstances. Cultivate compassion.另一种常见的人类特征。这和你有关系吗?记住你所谈论的人和你一样,也是一个有梦想、有恐惧的复杂的人。你很可能并不清楚他们全部的生活经历或情节。培养同情心。

3. Procrastination拖延症
In my experience, procrastination involves some pretty intense anxiety. You know what you need to do, but you just can't bring yourself to do it NOW. Why put yourself through that? Take a breath and do what you gotta do.以我的经验来看,拖延涉及到了一些相当强烈的焦虑。你知道你需要做什么,但是你不能让自己现在就去做。为什么不让自己去做呢?深吸一口气,做你该做的事情吧。

4. Incessant business持续不断的工作
Whether you have the most important job in the world or not, we all feel the need to do something or many things often. That is fine and natural. But we all must take a breather. You should think: “At the end of my life, will I regret that I didn't do more work, or will I regret that I didn't spend more time really enjoying myself and others?”无论你是不是拥有世界上最重要的工作,我们经常觉得有必要去做些事情。这很好也很自然。但是我们必须稍作休息。思考一下:“在我生命的尽头,我会遗憾自己没有做更多的工作吗?还是我会遗憾没有花更多的时间去真正享受自己的生活和他人的陪伴?”

5. Spending money on things you don't need把钱花在不需要的东西上
Not sure this needs too much explanation. Most of the time we buy things to increase our sense of self. Remember that your self, your true self, needs no add-ons. You are already whole. You just need to realize that. On a practical note, this will also save you a good deal of money!不知道这是否需要太多的解释。大部分的时候,我们买东西是来增加自我的感觉。记住,你的自我,你真正的自我,不需要附加元件。你已经是一个整体了。你只需要意识到这一点。从实用的角度来说,这也会为你省下一大笔钱!

6. Worrying about what everyone thinks about you担心别人对你的看法
This may surprise you to hear, but most of the time no one is thinking about you. Don't take this the wrong way. All I mean to say is that worrying about what others think is ultimately worrying about yourself in a negative light. And guess what? Everyone else is doing the same thing. Most humans are self-involved. Take comfort in this and stop concerning yourself with the thoughts of others. It'll free up a lot of mental space!你听到可能会觉得吃惊,但是大部分的时候没人在想你。不要理解错了。我的意思是,担心别人对你的看法最终会就从负面的角度去担心自己。你猜怎么着?每个人都在做同样的事情。大部分人都热衷于自己的事情。你就放心吧,别再想别人怎么看你了。这样做会腾出大量的心理空间!

7. Perfectionism and self-doubt完美主义和自我怀疑
Recently, someone said to me, “Perfectionism is actually Failurism.” Why? Because when you are a perfectionist, you constantly doubt yourself. You look for the failure in your life and attempt to fix it. Then you have to deal with all the failures that crop up from your attempt to fix the last failure. It is a destructive and unnecessary cycle. If you're always focusing on the negative, your mind begins to identify with that. Why not try focusing mostly on the positive?最近有人对我说,“完美主义实际上是失败主义。” 为什么?因为当你是完美主义者时,你会不断地怀疑自己。你会寻找生活中的失败然后试图去修复它。然后,你还得去处理上次你试图去修复结果却失败了的事情。这是种破坏性和不必要的循环。如果你总是把注意力集中在负面的事情上,你的大脑就会开始识别这些事情。为什么不试着去关注正面的事情呢?

8. Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future回想过去,并担心未来
Ah, yes. This is the most insidious of habits. Fear loves this habit, because it keeps you in a perpetual state of terror. You are afraid to repeat past mistakes or let go of past hurts. You spend your time fantasizing about how you will fail. Guess what? It's not real. The past is gone forever. You will never actually be in the future. All we have is this moment. How will you choose to spend it?是的。这种习惯会在不知不觉中伤害你。恐惧喜欢这一习惯,因为它能让你一直害怕。你害怕重复过去的错误或放手过去的伤害。你把时间花费在幻想自己会如何失败上。你猜怎么着?这不是真实的。过去的已经一去不复返了。你永远不会真正生活在未来中。我们所拥有的就是现在。你会选择如何去度过它?